5 Point Plan – Economic Development

The fourth part of my 5-Point Plan is to kickstart development along our business corridors. We need to attract more businesses into our community to expand our tax footprint minimizing the burden on everyone; residents and businesses. West Side is lucky to have business corridors laid out along the outskirts of the community at the intersection of two major interstate highways. Taking advantage of our location requires a look at our zoning, how we communicate with the community, and how we market the benefits of doing business here.

As your next Mayor I’ll do the following to attract new business and kick-start development:

Appoint a Business Advisory Committee

  • Involve business and community leaders in attracting new businesses to Town
  • Use private partnerships in seeking budgetary efficiency
  • Collect feedback and implement the changes to improve communication

Create a Playbook to Develop a Repeatable Process

  • Initiate review of all rules, regulations, and policies compiling them for easy view
  • Using the Permitting Guide to develop a consistent path any business or resident may follow
  • Continue review of Ordinances through a collaboration with stakeholders

Implement & Market Zoning Improvements

  • Compile existing studies of our business corridors and then adjust our zoning accordingly
  • Better utilize the current set of tools at hand to encourage investment
  • Develop a marketing plan that showcases state and local incentives to benefit the businesses and West Side

What other actions do you suggest we take to improve our relationship with the business community?

I look forward to hearing from you because together WE can Continue the Progress to Revitalize West Side!

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