5 Point Plan – Fight Blight

The fifth part of my 5-Point Plan is to fight blight and continue to build a great community. Keeping our community moving forward requires that we invest in the Town’s infrastructure which means our roads, sidewalks, water and sewer systems, and parks. This is a matter that needs attention year after year to ensure we do not let our assets deteriorate. In addition, as traffic increases in Town from construction on I-91 and the MGM casino, we’ll need to manage safety through the development of an early warning system for our residents and the adoption of a complete streets policy. Finally, fighting blight means fixing up and re-settle the over 150 vacant bank owned homes around Town.

As your next Mayor I’ll do the following to Fight Blight and Revitalize West Side:

Invest in our Infrastructure

  • Improve our roads, sidewalks, and water and sewer systems
  • Pursue beautification along public ways
  • Prioritize our Parks & Fields

Manage Increases in Town Traffic

  • Develop an Early Warning System
  • Increase Enforcement
  • Design Safer Roads and Traffic Control Systems

Rehab Bank-owned Homes

  • Fix up over 150 vacant residential houses
  • Resettled homes provide new revenue
  • Ramp up our Blight Reduction Program

What other actions do YOU suggest we take to continue to improve our infrastructure and revitalize our community?

I look forward to hearing from you because together WE can Continue the Progress to Revitalize West Side!

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