5 Point Plan – Quality Education

The third part of my 5-Point Plan is to invest in our schools and drive for improved performance. We all want the children of West Side, our children, to have the best opportunity to succeed. The foundation of that success is built through a quality education that challenges every student while providing them with the tools to build their own future. Continuous improvement means ensuring teachers are able to spend their time teaching their students instead of completing paperwork for State or Federal agencies. It means building community support for programs that engage students and produce graduates year after year.

I am a graduate of the West Springfield school system and as your next Mayor I will work to provide all students with a quality education by doing the following:

Build on the Hard Work Already Underway

  • Learn from the success of teachers and replicate programs that are currently working in our school system
  • Continue to listen to students, parents, teachers and administrators
  • Engage our community in the education of the next generation

Provide Teachers with Tools for Success

  • Ensure teachers have time to focus on students
  • Build on the rapport between the Mayor, school administrators and teachers
  • Create partnerships with local businesses who want to invest in education and stimulate the minds of the students

Importance of Great Schools

  • Well performing schools will attract new families to our community
  • Stop the drain of tax dollars flowing to charter schools
  • Great schools are the cornerstone to our economic development plan

What actions should we take to improve the education of our children?

I look forward to hearing from you because together WE can Continue the Progress to Revitalize West Side!

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