5 Point Plan – Approachable, Accessible, & Accountable

The first part of my 5-Point Plan is to maintain an Approachable, Accessible and Accountable Administration. I believe we need to listen to residents and business owners, and make it easy to get things done! One of my first priorities will be to consolidate and review all of the rules, regulations and policies in Town. We will create a “play book” and a repeatable process for people to follow, and drive out inefficiencies to save money. We will hold ourselves accountable to do what’s right as we serve residents.

As your next Mayor I will continue to attend local events and be visible in the community. I will also continue the current office hours while looking for ways to expand my availability and be accessible in all parts of our community. All precincts deserve to have their representative visible in their neighborhood to answer questions and hear their concerns. I look forward to serving all the citizens of West Side over the next two years.

What actions should we take to make it easier to get the right things done?

I look forward to hearing from you because together WE can Continue the Progress to Revitalize West Side!

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