Five Point Plan

I envision a town that has strong community ties, where residents of all ages and backgrounds, and business owners of all sizes, feel welcome and can afford to live. To that end, I have a five-point plan which is outlined below. The key underlying theme to everything in the plan is fiscal responsibility! That means we’ll have programs aimed at expanding our tax base while continuing to look for efficiency and savings.  It means proposing only those projects which are fully funded at the outset.

1. Accessible, Approachable & Accountable – This is the foundation for the plan. We need to listen to residents and business owners, and make it easy to get things done! One of my first actions will be to consolidate and review all of the rules / ordinances in Town. We need a “play book” and a repeatable process for people to follow, and we need to drive out inefficiencies to save money.

2. Safe Community – Initiate the PET (Prevention, Education, Treatment) program to help combat the current drug crisis. Invest in our police, fire and EMT workers.  Continue to evaluate the impact of MGM and take immediate action to ensure positive results for West Side.

3. Strong Schools – Work with the teachers, administrators and the School Committee to move our schools from Level 3, to Level 2, and eventually to Level 1. Change takes time but is possible as we build upon the hard work already underway. The goal is to make sure all students in our schools have the tools and opportunities to facilitate learning.

4. Business Development – Start a Business Advisory Group and consider temporary tax incentives for new small business start-ups. Actively attract the right kind of business as we work to fill all the vacant building and ultimately increase the tax base.

5. Fight Blight – Ensure bank-owned homes are filled with new residents; this a program I started over the last year in an effort to grow our tax base. Ensure we are ready to deal with increase traffic and continue to work with MGM on related funding. Invest in our infrastructure and make sure all grounds and fields within Town represent the best of West Side.


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