While growing up I participated in the scouting program. I earned my Eagle Scout Award for leading Troop 570 in the project that helped convert the convent at St. Thomas into classrooms for their CCD program. While in scouting I led the Troop in several activities, including hiking the Appalachian Trail and I was fortunate enough to participate in the Philmont program, where I was the crew leader. Scouting helped lay the foundation for my approach to life. I learned that to be a leader you need to create a vision and have the character that people respect so they will want to follow you. Scouting is also where I developed my “service to others” attitude which I have continued as a professional career choice.

To get here, I worked two jobs to put myself through college and then graduate school, earning both a law degree and an MBA. One of my first jobs was a management position in a retail setting where I oversaw the scheduling and performance of approximately 100 people. I also worked for a local landscaping company for almost a decade. These jobs not only helped fund my education, they taught me the value of work, the importance of listening and communication skills, and the art of negotiation. Those skills have been enhanced as my career has progressed from working as a hearing officer, and as an attorney under the direction of two local mayors.

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