5 Point Plan – Safe Community

We all want to live and work in a safe community. The second part of my 5-Point Plan addresses the steps necessary to get there. Substance abuse problems have become a serious and unaddressed issue throughout the Commonwealth. Our town has lost more than 11 people over the past two years to opioid overdoses and the state has lost over 1,265 others. Although reducing illicit drug use is the primary goal, we also need to put more feet on the street, improve the lighting along our Town Common and slow the speed of the vehicles along our busy streets.

As your next Mayor I will work to make our community safer by doing the following:

Initiate P.E.T. (Prevention, Education & Treatment) Program

  • Partner with CARE Coalition to spread awareness of teen alcohol and substance abuse
  • Listen to impacted families who have lost lovedĀ ones to overdoses
  • Learn effective treatment and rehabilitation techniques from the medical community
  • Develop and implement age appropriate preventative education throughout our school district

Feet on the Street

  • Increase lighting along our downtown corridors
  • Build upon community policing events and encourage all citizens, especially pre-teens and teens, to meet our first responders
  • Maintain a visible police presence throughout our community in all our neighborhoods

Slow Down Traffic

  • Implement recommendations of the many studies previously conducted of how to improve commuter travel along our busy streets
  • Encourage compliance of the current traffic laws and regulations
  • Install speed humps for crosswalk safety and signalized bump outs for better pedestrian visibility
  • Work with the Traffic and Safety Subcommittee to alleviate citizens’ roadway concerns

Do you have any suggestions that we can take to make sure West Side is a safe community?

I look forward to hearing from you because together WE can Continue the Progress to Revitalize West Side!

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